60 Networking Tips – Podcast #16

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60 Networking Tips – Podcast #16

Know the 24/7/30 follow up system.
24 – Drop them a line within 24 hours of meeting someone professionally.
7 – Within 7 days, follow them on social media.
30 – Schedule a One to One meeting with them within 30 days.

BNI Executive Director and CRO (Chief Referral Officer), Cys Bronner, wants to celebrate her birthday month with you by sharing 60 Networking Tips to elevate your networking and business by referral results.

60 Networking Tips

  1. Focus on quality over quantity.
  2. Create a memorable message with story telling.
  3. Introduce each new person you meet to at least one person.
  4. Make yourself useful, again and again.
  5. Ask for suggestions on how to expand your network.
  6. Share your passion.
  7. Focus on your existing message.
  8. Be sure to reach out every so often with comments about posts, to share valuable career information or just to see how they are.
  9. Create and nurture advocates.
  10. Prepare unusual questions and icebreakers.
  11. When networking, focus on the other person. Ask what makes them tick.
  12. Use the other person’s name a few times to help form a connection.
  13. Sometimes it isn’t about how you network, it’s simply about doing it regularly.
  14. Let the other person speak.
  15. Attend Networking events with a business friend.
  16. Include Networking in your holiday plans – have fun!
  17. Nurture your social media. Don’t be an empty storefront.
  18. You don’t need to be a Keynote Speaker. Offer to sit in on conference panels.
  19. What’s best? LinkedIn? FaceBook? Twitter? Answer: the one that you will use!
  20. Jot down a few things on the back of the business card of the person you meet to help you when you speak to them next. I generally ask if they mind if I write on their card first.
  21. Listen more than you talk.
  22. Learn how you can help each new connection.
  23. Shy? Start slow by Networking with friends and relatives.
  24. Demonstrate your listening skills by asking thoughtful questions.
  25. Connect online and offline strategies.
  26. Share a customer’s rave review.
  27. Network by high traffic areas, like a main door, the bar, or near the food.
  28. Write about a story or recent press that your customers will enjoy.
  29. Set Networking goals and measure your progress. You’ll be 3x more likely to reach that goal.
  30. Network consistently; it’s what changes average into excellence.
  31. Be the energy you want to attract.
  32. Celebrate other people’s accomplishments.
  33. Most Small Businesses spend at least 20 hours a week #marketing their business. Make Networking a part of your weekly marketing commitment.
  34. Reinvest in your brand.
  35. Create an intentional #hashtag strategy.
  36. Network by writing online or blogging and ask your readers for their thoughts in the comment sections.
  37. Network up.
  38. Surround yourself with people who talk about visions and ideas, not other people.
  39. Surprise a client or colleague with a snack or treat.
  40. Block out time for follow up.
  41. Schedule at least one One-to-One meeting a week, by blocking that time ahead on your calendar.
  42. Increase your referrals by 27% by arriving 15 minutes early for open networking.
  43. Mark your calendar now for Get to Know Your Customers Day—a quarterly event observed on the third Thursdays of January, April, July and October.
  44.  Prioritize your communications.
  45. Remember to give credit when credit is due. Then introduce that deserving person to another.
  46. Remember, Networking for results means recognizing that relationships require time and effort to build trues and respect.
  47. Create and follow a Networking schedule. Make it part of your 12-month marketing plan.
  48. Who is the hardest working person you know? Give them a shout out now.
  49. Send thank you messages. Even for the smallest things, notes can be a great gesture.
  50. Know the 24/7/30 follow up system.
    24 – Drop them a line within 24 hours of meeting someone professionally.
    7 – Within 7 days, follow them on social media.
    30 – Schedule a One to One meeting with them within 30 days.
  51. Don’t sell products. Provide solutions.
  52. Be visible in the community.
  53. Don’t try to close business deals when networking. Ask when you can meet to discuss how you two can possibly work together.
  54. Focus on people that are right for you. Have 5 people in your network that can become your referral hubs instead of 100s that know your name but don’t have deep connections with you.
  55. Find a reason to follow up.
  56. When Networking, know how to gracefully leave a conversation and meet someone new.
  57. Create (and practice) an effective infomercial.
  58. Blow your own trumpet, gently!
  59.  Ease your entry when walking into a group of Networkers who are engaged in conversation. Wait, smile, ask a question about their topic to show interest.
  60. Always be Networking. You can Network anywhere, anytime, even at a funeral.

Cys Bronner, Founder ActionSteps4Success
In networking: The more memorable (positive and helpful) you are, the better the results.
Questions? Feel free to call BNI Executive Director Cys Bronner 866-889-3466 or email her at Cys.Bronner@BNI4success.com
Her motto: BNI, Making word of mouth marketing work for you

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