60 Random Acts of Kindness – Podcast #17

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60 Random Acts of Kindness  – Podcast #17

Call someone up and ask them how they are doing. Don’t stop there, ask them what they are up to.

The Birthday Month Continues! With Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director and CRO (Chief Referral Officer). Celebrate her birthday month with a mindset of Givers Gain and 60 Random Acts of Kindness.

Give With 60 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Say Good Morning
  2. Leave a note of encouragement
  3. Start a tiny library
  4. Hide 60 (or less) $1 bills around town for people to discover.
  5. Say Thank You
  6. Remember and acknowledge important dates and life events.
  7. Sponsor a youth sports team
  8. Pay it forward
  9. Donate to a blood bank or non-profit milk bank
  10. Foster a dog ‘til it finds a fur-ever home
  11. Wash someone’s car
  12. Offer to help. Anywhere.
  13. Send a card of appreciation
  14. Create an “Earn while you learn” intern program at your work space
  15. Re-purpose a book by gifting it to someone you think would enjoy it.
  16. Volunteer for a nonprofit
  17. Support your local farmers market
  18. Give a random compliment
  19. Donate your unused gift cards
  20. Be a “Snow Angel” to someone; shovel the snow off their walk.
  21. Support your local community
  22. Call someone up and ask them how they are doing. Don’t stop there, ask them what they are up to.
  23. Adopt a Highway
  24. Recycle 60 cans or bottles
  25. Give a social media shout out
  26. Pack a backpack of school supplies for a student in need
  27. Spend 60 minutes listening to someone
  28. Gift toothpaste and tooth brushes to the unhoused
  29. Mow someone’s lawn.
  30. Read to a shut in, retirement home resident or hospital patient.
  31. Donate $60 (or any amount) to DonorsChoose.org
  32. Perform a concert at a retirement home
  33. Wash someone’s car.
  34. Share a daily positive message for 60 days
  35. Pay for the car behind you at the drive-thru
  36. Send a care package to someone in the military
  37. Pick up 60 items of trash
  38. Make someone laugh
  39. Contact the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for tips on becoming an animal activist in your community.
  40. Hold open a door for someone
  41. Let someone with a few items cut in front of you at the grocery
  42. Adopt a classroom
  43. Schedule a volunteer day with your colleagues
  44. Smile at a stranger and say hello
  45. Pick up 60 pieces of trash
  46. Counsel a friend
  47. Organize a food drive
  48. Give to education via the BNI Foundation and the Business Voices initiative
  49. Pick up your neighbor’s newspaper
  50. Call an older, lonely person to chat
  51. Bring your dog to a retirement home for folks to pet
  52. Bake doggie treats.
  53. Donate your work attire.
  54. Help an elderly person to her car
  55. Offer to be a Mentor
  56. Allow a car to cut in front of you in traffic
  57. Check out donation-based yoga classes or other exercise classes that give back to local charities and needy communities.
  58. Start a team to fundraise and walk, run or ride for a cure.
  59. Surprise your local Fire Fighters, Police, EMTs or Hospital Staff with baked goods.
  60. While standing in front of the mirror tell yourself something positive about you for 60 days in a row.
Cys Bronner, Founder ActionSteps4Success

In networking: The more memorable (positive and helpful) you are, the better the results.
Questions? Feel free to call BNI Executive Director Cys Bronner 866-889-3466 or email her at Cys.Bronner@BNI4success.com

Her motto: BNI, Making word of mouth marketing work for you
Click for more information or to join a BNI chapter in the Los Angeles area

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